Our Favorite Restaurants in the Area

Published on Author Gillian Mackey

San Diego is a great getaway spot for its beaches, parks, museums and gardens. But you would be very pleased to know that this warm and sunny city, resting on the Pacific Coast of California, is also home to great restaurants. Whether you’re on vacation, business or house-hunting purposes, here are five of our favorite restaurants in the area.

A.R. Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines Restaurant
If you’re planning on a quiet and slightly intimate meal with your special someone, this restaurant is perfect. For your convenience and comfort, you may try staying at the Lodge so that you can enjoy a nice stroll to A.R. Valentien for dinner.

This cozy nook offers tender and pleasantly-grilled scallops and swordfish. And although the place is of the ‘fancy’ and ‘fine dining’ type, the management is not overly strict with attire. You may be allowed entrance even if you’re in your casual clothes. Plus the service crew is very pleasant and hospitable.

After dinner, you would thoroughly enjoy the bar inside Torrey Pines Lodge. The good-humored bartender there makes the most excellent drinks and cocktails. It has a classic wood-burning fireplace that makes the place smell fantastic. There’s nothing more romantic than drinking your favorite wine with your loved one next to a warm fire.

Oceana Coastal Kitchen Restaurant
This restaurant is great for casual meet-ups with your friends and family. Aside from having a wonderful sushi bar, the restaurant also serves delightful salads and appetizers, entrees and desserts. To top it off, your dining experience is made even more pleasant with a lovely ocean view.

Parma Cucina Italiana Restaurant
If you’re craving something Italian, then Parma Cucina Italiana Restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. The food is excellente and the service is impeccable. The crew’s hospitable and laid-back, yet accommodating, demeanor adds to the very relaxed and light vibe for a pleasant dining experience.

Cottage Restaurant
This place offers a simple diner scene. Be warned that there is almost always a line, especially come Saturday and Sunday. But the service crew is quite prompt and efficient in handling this, so customers won’t have to wait too long. And the generous portions of great food served are definitely worth the wait. You can also opt to sit and eat outside for a less confining dining experience.

Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab – La Jolla
This one’s for you and your best buddies. The place is very lively and quite boisterous. The waiters are very warm, hospitable, and attentive but sensitive enough not to be too overbearing or intrusive.