How to Move When Your on a Budget

Published on Author David Gomez

Most of us have not successfully become minimalists, so moving can naturally bring with it some issues. No matter how much stuff you have though, moving will likely cost you time and money. For those of you with little money to spare, it is important that you think carefully about how to get all of your stuff from one place to another without breaking the bank. Here are some tips that anybody can use to save money while moving on a budget:


Explore different moving companies – It is simply not true that hiring movers will necessarily be more expensive than moving your things on your own. While the do-it yourself methods may seem appealing, many who choose it realize that after struggling physically they either need hired help anyway, or have spent just as much money. Collect quotes from a range of companies and consider moving in the early spring or winter, this could save you up to 20 percent in costs.


Explore free box options – Buying your own boxes is not as necessary as it may seem. There are many people that end up spending nothing because they think outside the box, if you will. Here are a few ways to do so that we have discovered:


. Check your office or other workplace for small, medium or large boxes that were used to store supplies.

. There is a very good chance that someone in your area has recently moved. Ask around the neighborhood or friends over social media to see if borrowing their old boxes may be an option.

. Check if the local liquor store would be nice enough to share some old boxes that can be used to store all sorts of goods.

.Look to see if some local stores have left some boxes outback. Many people who must move frequently get used to this method, which is very effective.


Garage sale – Like any good business minded person would, turn your costs into money makers. If you have too much unwanted stuff that you feel would be wasteful to throw away, consider selling it. Besides, when you move you’re going to have to dig up all of your stuff anyways, so it will be the easiest garage sale you will ever do. Just be sure to take the time to organize the stuff you want to sell in an attractive and logical way so that people want to take a look, and don’t expect to sell the stuff for too steep of a price.