Ad Creation, All You Need Is Your Phone

Published on Author David Gomez

The days of requiring a computer to create an advertisement are long gone. Smartphones now have apps and programs available to create ads right on them, with direct publishing features available. If you are just creating a print ad with no images, all you need is a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone and the right login information for the platform you wish to post a classified print ad on.

Smartphone Enabled Logo Creation

Software is available to create a custom business logo right from your smartphone. You have the option of using multiple colors, layers and even shading to create a custom, unique business logo. The logo can easily be sent to your email for use in multiple applications such as business letterhead, websites, social media pages and any printable item requiring the use of your business’ logo. Some of these applications are even drag and drop, so you can include custom images in your business logo.

Expanding Visual Appeal

You can use your smartphone to begin creating ads – at least simple ads for online publishing. Once your base visual is created, you can forward it to a local video production company to use in a marketing video. A video production company may be able to improve the resolution of smartphone created images so that they appear sharper to the audience. Doing some of the work yourself, as a small business startup, does save money. The video production company can come in and just enhance what you have already started.

Local Business Classified Ads

If you are advertising on local media platforms or in local newspaper publications, you can write these ads on your smartphone. You can start in your notepad or download an application. If you use Gmail on your smartphone, you likely have access to Google Drive and Google Documents, meaning that you can create a written advertisement using Google Documents, which provides a link to the saved content. The file can be shared through the link for publishing.

Smartphone Branding Options

Branding software is available and accessible via smartphone. You can create custom letterhead, set your business name and begin company profiles on social media networks with your smartphone. Sending images to your phone, cloud network, or email gives you access to required images as you can save them and separate them into a separate file on your phone.

Smartphone Created Social Media Advertisements

You can easily log into a brand social media page to create an advertisement. Most smartphones have the copy/paste feature, so you can copy a link from your brand’s website to include in a social media page. You can also take photos saved from your phone, or save web images to use in your social media advertisements.

Final Word

Technology is changing and society is more mobile now than ever, so more applications on smartphones are making them a more usable device for actual tasks. When you are using your phone for these important business tasks, make sure that it is protected in some way – either with a passcode or fingerprint recognition software, to keep sensitive business information safe.