About Us

David and Gillian here, two Real Estate partners born and raised in San Diego! We love our home town, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. With that said, whats a career for us then real estate. Being raised in the town that you sale in gives you the knee up on the competition, but that’s not why we got into this business. We go into it for our equal love of our surroundings. We truly believe that San Diego is the place to be in Southern California. Being locals we’ve seen the ups and down of all the neighborhoods, we have even been successful in predicting upcoming trends.


Our focus here isn’t about the competition though, it is more about helping homeowners with common mistakes made when buying new homes. We’re not about taking advantage of our clients, we keep no secrets. We love holding up to our reputation as some of the most honest real estate agents in Southern California. It is impossible for us to comfort the rest of the nation, but this is our effort to help anyone who reads our blog!